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Smiley Face Hand-Decorated Berry-Vanilla Marshmallows

Smiley Face Hand-Decorated Berry-Vanilla Marshmallows

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These whimsical marshmallows are a burst of flavor and happiness, making them a perfect treat for kids and adults alike. With their irresistible mixed berry flavor and adorable smiling faces shapes, our marshmallows are sure to bring a big smile to anyone's face.

Perfect for a sweet indulgence for yourself or a delightful gift. The Mixed Berry Flavored Marshmallows are a delicious choice that will leave you wanting more! Features colorful and soft marshmallows infused with the delicious taste of mixed berries and sugar coated.

Marshmallows are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and can be savored one piece at a time or shared! Perfect for snacking on their own, adding a delightful twist to hot cocoa or desserts, or even incorporating them into creative recipes—like Mixed Berry Rice Krispie Treats!

Great gift for any party, special occasion, encouragement, or just because.

Each candy piece is individually wrapped.
Net Wt. 4.23 oz./120g.
Approximately 20 pcs.
Candy pieces are approximately 1.5" in diameter.
Bag is 4.5" x 8" x 3".

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