Collection: Katydid

A laidback lifestyle brand spreading sunshine and love throughout the land.

Katydid has a unique focus on the adventure-seeking, outdoors-loving woman. While other hat and accessory companies in the DTC industry cater to a more general audience, Katydid offers stylish and trendy products that are perfect for women who love to spend time outdoors. Whether you're going to the beach for a weekend or you're headed to the lake with the kids, Katydid has you covered with our popular hatsgraphic tees, and accessories!

Katy’s Story

Katydid is the creation of Texas designer and entrepreneur Katy Messersmith. Katy’s journey into fashion began in 2002 when she was working at a clinic in Ghana as a volunteer. When Katy’s luggage went missing soon after her arrival, she saw it as an opportunity to get creative. Instead of heading to the closest store, Katy went to work collaborating with a few local seamstresses. Together, they created a collection of colorful wrap skirts and vibrant bags.

That experience was a real game changer for Katy, and she returned to her Dallas, TX, home with a passion for design and a desire to create even more women’s clothing and accessories.

Since 2002, Katydid has grown into a lifestyle brand of cute apparel, entertaining accessories, and trendy gifts. Katy’s sense of fashion and unstoppable work ethic has turned Katydid into an emerging leader in popular women’s apparel and accessories.

The business continues to grow every year, and it was recently listed in the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing private businesses in America. Katydid is still based in Katy’s hometown of Dallas, TX, but it’s now located in the heart of the design district.

Why Katydid?

The majority of Katydid products are designed and decorated in the USA. The unique designs with vivid colors and high-quality fabrics make the stylish Katydid designs very popular and make Katydid a one-of-a-kind women’s fashion brand. Katy continues to design her popular Katydid products with her eye for trend-setting designs that transforms clothes and accessories into fashionable items that are seen almost anywhere in the US.

Check out Katydid’s collection of stylish trucker hats or take a peek at our fun, entertaining, and sassy graphic tees. Our products are manufactured to last, so like a fine wine, the more wear and tear, the more stylish Katydid products become.